Machine Monitoring in the Cloud and On Premise

DataXchange machine monitoring & OEE tracking software is available as a Cloud based service or as an on premise deployment. The flexibility to deploy in the cloud or to choose to deploy on-premises is essential as business environments are different, and continually changing. Equally important is the ability to easily change your deployment model at any time if business or technical needs change.

Both implementations offer unparalleled functionality and customization when it comes to OEE monitoring. In today‚Äôs day and age on site deployments are not as common as Cloud implementations. The value of Cloud manufacturing software is unmatched when it comes to starting slowly and ramping up functionality and deploying across all of the equipment as your utilization and OEE monitoring needs evolve. Even if you would rather have an on premise deployment long term, the Cloud is a great way to start. Scytec DataXchange has the ability to be moved between the Cloud and on premise implementations allowing the low cost startup and proof of concept in the Cloud before committing to the full purchase of an on premise deployment. There really is no reason to not start monitoring your machines today.

The ongoing customer relationship is critical when selecting a vendor for buying a SaaS or Cloud based product. Under the traditional on premise based model, the relationship between the supplier and the customer are based on an exchange of up-front money for the software. The promise of support may be lip service, the sales professional receives their commissions and then there may be little interest in the customer afterward.

With the pay-as-you-go, no commitment model, our customers can feel comfortable and reassured that on-going support is a top priority and we will continually strive to keep it that way. We simply have to win your business every single month.

To learn more about which DataXchange implementation will best meet your OEE monitoring needs, cloud manufacturing software or onsite deployment, contact our sales team today to schedule a free demo.

Cloud Service

Cloud computing networking concept

Low startup cost


Discounts for 1 or 2 year commitment

Automatic software updates included

Support included

No web or database servers to maintain

Automatic updates every few months

On Premise Deployment

Warehouse Building

Traditional upfront software purchase

Perpetual license

Annual maintenance for updates and support

Web and database servers required

Updates must be installed on the server

Customer is on control of when updates occur

All data stays on the company network