Digital Transformation Partners

Effortlessly leverage cutting-edge Scytec DataXchange data collection technology to drive competitive superiority in machine sales. Develop new business models and create new revenue streams, all focused on machine sales and service-oriented preventative maintenance programs.

Committed and determined to supporting manufacturers the world over by working with partners to drive innovation and facilitate a digital transformation. Scytec is dedicated to advancing the shop floor culture by offering a variety of packages to support partners growth efforts in the Smart Factory era.



A customer’s trust is important. Improving the value of your products and your value proposition with new, technologically advanced monitoring tools is key to developing an even stronger relationship.


See the shop floor by gaining access to real-time machine data through intuitive visuals. Quickly and easily provide consultation and expand upon customer-related activities. All are supported by Scytec data consultants that steer efforts developed to expose data and unlock hidden value.


Easily access untapped revenue through your current channels and harness technology to grow and expand upon your sales and marketing efforts.



Each shop floor is unique, and you know the ins and outs of how they operate. Improve productivity by empowering your operators with valuable data. Or gain visibility through remote access and always monitor equipment and processes.


Client relationships are paramount. Developing a strong network of trust takes time. Leverage that network to provide a new highly beneficial technology.

Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory

We all know that digital transformation is crucial to the next big step. Your skills, knowledge, and relationships are key to ushering in new technology developed to transform the shop floor culture and unlock revenue channels.