DataXchange eLearning



A subscription to the eLearning platform will provide customers with unlimited access to an online portal to view a series of topic based training videos that step through concepts and tasks ranging from initial setup and daily usage to advanced implementation.  Watch closely as there are quizzes at the end of each lesson group that can be taken to help ensure that the knowledge has been retained.

While DataXchange includes an extensive help file, videos with step-by-step instructions will reduce the learning time to accomplish many tasks.  The videos are great for visual learners and each video is short and to the point for the listed topic making it easy to find the desired material quickly.

The material is structured in courses with each course have multiple video lessons.  After each lesson group there is a quiz that covers the main topics from the lessons throughout the course to help ensure the key points were captured.

With a subscription to the eLearning site access to the material is unlimited allowing easy access anytime. Learn at an individual pace whenever convenient.

A subscription to the elearning site can be purchase from your reseller or Scytec can be contacted directly.  The eLearning site can be accessed at