What is DataXchange?

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Collection

Yes! Scytec is an active member of the MTConnect Standards Committee allowing us to stay current with all MTConnect information and activities.

No problem. Scytec offers a low cost hardware device that’s easy to connect to machines to collect data.

No! The PC running the DX Service needs access to the machines and the Internet, the machines never need direct access to the Internet.

No! Internet access is only required for the installation of the application. After the initial installation the Data Entry screen can be used without Internet access.

Yes! DataXchange includes an easy to use Operator Data Interface screen on PCs and tablets for entering user defined downtime reasons.


No web or database servers are required. The DX Service can be installed on a desktop operating system or a server operating system.

The DX Service is installed in a traditional fashion running ‘setup.exe’. However, once installed, the Service is updated automatically, eliminating all maintenance related to updating the application.

The application is installed directly from this web site. When the application is running, and each time the application starts it will check for any updates and automatically install them if any are available.


Yes! Changing the licensing quantity or license levels is as easy as sending us a new order form confirming the change. The new license will be available in minutes.

Yes! As long as the plants are within the same account then the licenses can be moved to any piece of equipment, regardless of the plant they are in.

Yes! You are free to move the licenses from machine to machine as often as you like. The licenses can be moved from the Equipment section on the Manage tab.

Yes! You can mix any quantity of the licenses together.

My Data

Yes! At any time you can request a copy of your data. The data will be in the form of a SQL Server backup and the backup file will be encrypted and downloadable from our ftp site. There is a fee for us to prepare the backup.


If payment is not able to be processed initially the account will stay active for 14 days after the due date and then service will be suspended.

Payments are due at the beginning of the service term. For monthly plans payment is due at the first of the month. For annual plans payment is due at the beginning of the annual term.

Yes! We offer a discounted annual plan which will allow you to lock in at the current monthly rate for 12 months.  Additional discounts are available with a two year plan.

We offer a variety of payment methods. For monthly payment plans we offer two direct payment options which are automatic withdrawal from a bank account and recurring credit card billing. Annual payment by purchase order is also an option.


Yes! Mobile apps for phones and tablets are available for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

Yes! Reports can be run from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access.

As many as you want! Licensing is strictly based on the amount of equipment and what the equipment is capable of collecting. There aren’t any restrictions on the reporting or real time viewing.

Security and Privacy

No! Never, not under any circumstance.

Yes! All data is transmitted using SSL encryption.


While they are not included in the monthly fee, Scytec consulting services are always available.

No! Application support by email, telephone and the web support are all included for existing connected equipment. On-site rates do apply for any on-site time if that is requested or required.

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