The average business may require any number of production control software solutions to improve visibility for daily operations, schedule work and delivery dates appropriately. This system will provide the data necessary to spot problems, cut waste, and increase overall efficiency.

The right manufacturing data collection software can make a huge difference when it comes to engineering a lean manufacturing operation or merely integrating multiple devices and collating data from myriad sources (i.e. equipment and machinery).

An important part of this equation is automated data collection for your manufacturing equipment. An important piece of this puzzle is the MTConnect Standard.

What is this protocol? How does it work? Why is it right for your business? Here are a few basic facts about the MTConnect Standard and how it can benefit your business.

What is MTConnect Standard?

MTConnect Standard is an open and extensible protocol. One primary function the protocol serves to bridge the gap between the equipment on your shop floor and the various software applications you use, facilitating the exchange of information. It does this by using standards such as HTTP to deliver data in a consistent format.

Despite the fact that the many pieces of equipment in your operation likely have their own proprietary formats, machine controls that utilize the MTConnect Standard deliver data in a consistent format, allowing for ease of use when it comes to data collection and analysis.


There are a variety of advantages businesses will enjoy when using the MTConnect Standard to collect data from shop floor equipment. Not only does it help your company to collect a rich set of data, but you’ll also enjoy the following:

  • No Hardware: The MTConnect Standard transfers data over an Ethernet connection. This means that your business won’t have to install additional hardware in order to use this protocol. This can save time, money, space, and most importantly for busy professionals, hassle.
  • Integration: The nature of MTConnect is to facilitate the exchange of information between disparate pieces of machinery and software applications, likely speaking different languages or at least using different formats. By converting data to a single format, the MTConnect Standard allows for integration of current and future equipment and software, streamlining operations and lowering implementation costs.

The data set generated can collected with a software application such as DataXchange and stored in-house or in the Cloud, depending on what individual businesses prefer. Regardless, Scytec DataXchange can analyze and display information along with provide notifications as needed to improve utilization and to manage operations.


In addition to lowering implementation costs, the MTConnect Standard can provide you with the opportunity to spot inconsistencies, waste, and other problem areas in your operation where your equipment function is concerned. Armed with this data you can tweak performance in order to save money and maximize profitability.