Mobile Help

General Information

The user interface will vary some between the Apple iOS applications and the Google Android applications, however the functionality between the two is generally the same. The Scytec DataXchange application must be used to collect data and to setup basic information, such as Users, Password, and the Equipment. The mobile application will utilize the information entered in DataXchange as well as utilize settings such as the translation assignments. For example, if Spanish is set as the translation for a user then the mobile device will utilize the same Spanish translations.

Initial Connection Settings

The first time the application is run the Account information must be entered on the Account page. The Account Number and Account Password will be retained and will not have to be entered each time the application starts. Once the Account information has been saved the username and password must be entered to login.

The username and password will not be retained automatically, however, Auto Login can be enabled on the Settings page.

Login Screen

The Login screen will display the username of the user currently logged in along with the connection status of the DataXchange Services.

Current Status

The current status screen shows a list of all of the equipment. Each row contains four pieces of information. The color icon will represent the General Status and will use the color assigned to the associated Status Type. The machine name will be displayed, and then the middle text will show the specific status is one is active. If a specific status is not active then the general status will be displayed. The text on the bottom will be the amount of time the equipment has been in the associated status. The current status will update automatically approximately once a minute.

Chart Type

The Chart Type screen provides the ability to select a specific chart for viewing. All charts that are generated from the Chart Type page are static charts, they will not update automatically. Associated information such as the time frame and the equipment must be selected before a chart can be generated.

Time Frame

Many quick selectors are available for selecting a time frame, or the individual controls can be used to select any specific time range.


The Equipment page is used to select specific equipment for display in the static charts. If User or Company Groups have been configured within the DataXchange application then those will be available for use in the mobile applications as well.


The Options displayed will vary depending on the currently selected Chart Type. Options are used to select information such as filter by specific statuses.


The Settings page displays the Account Settings along with the settings to enable automatic login into the application. In addition, the initial page that is displayed after login can be set as well.