What is DataXchange?

Recent Software Updates

Scytec DataXchange received a maintenance release to improve the performance and stability of the RTV along with some improvements to the DX Service.
The new month brings a new Scytec DataXchange release.  This release contain a new real-time browser equipment view that we’re all very excited about here.  This new equipment view is available in the Data Display browser application and contains multiple different data views that have a variety of configuration options.  The views include multiple methods of viewing the equipment status and the target utilization, as well as the current value of other data items.  Additional
Hopefully everyone had a great, and safe holiday season.  The Scytec DataXchange team isn’t wasting any time in the new year and has already released the first update of 2021. To start with, the Data Display browser application now has the Downtime, Alarm and Scrap Pareto charts along with some of the Excel reports.  We’ll continue to see more additions to Data Display as we progress through the year.   The email template assignments process has been modified allowing
The Scytec DataXchange Fall update has some exciting new features that have just been released. New technology has been added to DataXchange. Rather than waiting a minute or so for the latest status, the Real Time Viewer (RTV) dashboard will soon update equipment statuses in real-time in the Shop Floor Layout View and in the Equipment Status Grid view. This will be enabled slowly but surely over the next week. In future releases we will
First of all, we hope everyone is safe and you are doing well during these challenging times for us all.  Our team has been diligently working both in the office and remotely to provide a feature rich update for our August release. The ODI screen has some exciting new features which will allow for central administration of the assigned equipment, user based equipment assignments, and the ability to view note history from the ODI screen. A new
Scytec DataXchange will be receiving an update during the week of April 27th.  This release is mostly a maintenance release to update the version of some of the components used by DataXchange.  However, we were able to get in a few features and correct a few bugs.  For new functionality DataXchange can now enter historical planned and unplanned downtimes with expressions as well as pause the live expression logging window. We added a new report,