What is DataXchange?

Recent Software Updates

First of all, we hope everyone is safe and you are doing well during these challenging times for us all.  Our team has been diligently working both in the office and remotely to provide a feature rich update for our August release. The ODI screen has some exciting new features which will allow for central administration of the assigned equipment, user based equipment assignments, and the ability to view note history from the ODI screen. A new
Scytec DataXchange will be receiving an update during the week of April 27th.  This release is mostly a maintenance release to update the version of some of the components used by DataXchange.  However, we were able to get in a few features and correct a few bugs.  For new functionality DataXchange can now enter historical planned and unplanned downtimes with expressions as well as pause the live expression logging window. We added a new report,
The DataXchange Spring update is a maintenance release to add a few small features and to correct a few defects.  We’ve increase the size of the data that can be collected with custom variables, extended the OPC UA functionality to work with additional OPC UA servers, and modified ODI to work with additional certification checks when the ODI does not have full Internet access.  The full list of changes can be found in the DataXchange
With this update we’ve added a new Source into DataXchange.  DataXchange can now read directly from the Haas NGC controls over a wired or wireless Ethernet connection, without any additional hardware.  Data items include running or not running, feed rate and spindle overrides, alarm information, the program number, and part counters.   Other changes in this release include adding some additional fields to the shop floor layout RTV View, the ability to display Part Per Hour
A highlight of the changes include a new RTV View showing alarm information which can be used for MTConnect, Fanuc FOCAS and OPC-UA based machines. The Equipment Status Summary can now be run in weekly increments, and permissions have been expanded to provide more granular control.  
Scytec DataXchange Fall Update include key features like more flexible and powerful expression assignments, a few new reports, along with a variety of other enhancements and modifications. As always we continue to streamline and fine tune the functionality and appearance of DataXchange to maximize customer benefits.