Recent Software Updates

Our August release brings many new exciting and long awaited features.  New functionality includes a shop floor layout view which provides real time status on an overlay of a shop floor layout.  New charts include an OEE Summary chart showing availability, performance, quality and OEE for each piece of equipment along with targets for each metric.  New equipment status time line, summary and target utilization charts were introduced as well for day by day comparisons. 
The April release of DataXchange was primarily a maintenance release and added quite a few new capabilities to the expression logic ability as well as putting functionality in place for flexible OEE reporting. The API for programmatically pulling data from the database has been enhanced, and a few minor bugs were also fixed.
We’re excited to announce that this update brings quite a few additions and enhancements to existing functionality, as well as adding multiple new features. The team here was definitely hard at work over the holidays! There were options added to some of the RTV Views to automatically add new equipment, additional sorting options on the Grid View, as well as new reset options for part counts in the Grid View. Custom Variable plot and histograms
Our November release focuses primarily on some new Communication Sources along with a few requested features from our customers. (keep them coming everyone, we love feature requests!) The Script Source was added opening the doors to many collection opportunities (we’re excited about this one). Another great addition was the introduction of the Platinum version and the Caron Engineering TMAC Data Source. We’re really look forward to working closely with current and future TMAC users!
Our summer release bring the introduction, and the first of many Caron Engineering integrations. The DataXchange RTV now has a View to display the real-time status of TMAC system, as well as triggering notifications if the equipment is running, but the TMAC system is not. Expressions can now be copied, charts can be exported and printed, and reports can be exported to a variety of formats including PDF and Excel. The RTV also now has
This release is all about the Gold version and the Data Entry screen with the introduction of an updated Data Entry screen and the tracking of scrap parts along with scrap part reasons. Part numbers and good part counts were also added to the Data Entry Screen allowing for manual entry. Custom commands and equipment statuses can now be assigned to specific equipment groups filtering which Custom Commands and Equipment Statuses display for individual equipment