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The need to identify and eliminate unplanned machine downtime is somewhat obvious, however, what is really a planned vs an unplanned downtime is something that is not always so obvious.  In addition, planned downtime seems to be more accepted as something that just must happen as the cost of doing business.  While true to an… Read more »

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it’s time for Machine Monitoring Software In most manufacturing facilities today convincing management that the company should invest in machine monitoring isn’t an issue.  However, if you find yourself in such an environment there are many convincing reasons for management to adopt Industry 4.0 technology such as machine monitoring.   Visibility to be able to… Read more »

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Following a few basic principles can help shops get a return on their machine monitoring systems without losing faith first. Machine monitoring technology can be easy to justify, but shops can lose faith when data-driven efficiencies never materialize. Josh Davids, CEO of monitoring system developer Scytec, says many of these shops move too fast and… Read more »