Scytec DataXchange Service

9.65 MB

The DX Service communicates with the equipment and operator screens and relays the information to the Cloud.

.NET Framework 4.7.2

80.05 MB

The current required version of the .NET Framework.

Scytec DataXchange Mitsubishi Electric Case Study

686.33 KB

Check out the latest Scytec DataXchange case study from Mitsubishi Electric.

Scytec DataXchange Absolute Machine Tools Partnership

1.85 MB

Equipment sold by Absolute Machine Tools comes with a powerful option for the inclusion of the Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring platform.

Scytec DataXchange API and Integration

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The Scytec DataXchange API can integrate with external systems including maintenance, ERP systems, and third-party data repositories.

Scytec DataXchange Order Form

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The DX Order Form is for credit card authorization and to authorize the addition or modification of DataXchange licensing.

Scytec DataXchange- Rule Based Expressions

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The Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring platform uses rule-based edge analytics to process shop floor data immediately as it is acquired.

Scytec DataXchange- High and Low Volume Production

3.63 MB

Scytec DataXchange offers many features to help high and low-volume job shops control costs and track machine utilization and downtime.

Scytec DataXchange- Lights Out Robot Monitoring

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Scytec DataXchange can connect directly to both collaborative robots allowing manufacturers to have visibility into unattended operations.

Scytec DataXchange Integration with CGTech VERICUT

2.31 MB

Scytec has partnered with CGTech for integrating the Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring system into VERICUT via CNC Machine Connect.

Scytec DataXchange Manufacturing Dashboards

1.29 MB

Scytec DataXchange provides multiple real-time dashboards that can be viewed on TVs, display boards, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Scytec DataXchange- ODI

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The Operator Data Interface (ODI) allows shop floor personnel to enter information relating to planned and unplanned downtime reasons, work orders, and more.

Scytec DataXchange- ODI Enclosures

3.11 MB

Scytec DataXchange ODI tablet protection and mounting options.

Scytec DataXchange-OEE Machine Monitoring

890.38 KB

OEE machine monitoring utilization and downtime tracking.

Scytec DataXchange-SRC Data Collection Hardware

1.28 MB

The Status Relay Controller (SRC) is a hardware device capable of monitoring digital and analog signals from shop floor equipment.

Scytec DataXchange- Future Foam Case Study

988.78 KB

Read this case study to see how Future Foam increased their OEE and productivity with Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring.