What is DataXchange?

Shop Floor Data Entry


Capturing the reasons equipment is not running is an essential step in the process of increasing utilization and OEE. While some machines are capable of providing some downtime reasons, most times operators must be involved to enter the downtime reason. In order to ensure success it’s critical to have a simple, easy to use shop floor data entry interface for operators to interact with to enter the downtime reasons, as well as to see the current status reported for the equipment.

Scytec DataXchange includes a data entry screen that runs on PCs, Windows tablets, iPads, and Android tablets. The data entry screen fully integrates with the automatic machine data collection allowing for data collection rules to be used in real-time across all sources of data. Using the data entry screen, data such as downtimes and part numbers can be entered, OEE dashboards can be updated, and emails and text messages can be sent, along with a variety of other functionality.

The data entry screen also serves as a display to view the current status of the equipment providing real time feedback to the operators.

Ensuring simplified training the data entry screen has a consistent interface when viewed on Windows, tablets, iPads, or Android tablets and is best viewed on at a resolution of 1280 x 800.

To learn more about DataXchange machine monitoring and machine data entry contact our sales team to schedule a free demo.