MTConnect, Fanuc FOCAS, and Hardware Solutions for Monitoring OEE

Scytec DataXchange can collect OEE metric data such as utilization, part counts and downtimes automatically over a wired or wireless Ethernet connection from MTConnect Fanuc FOCAS and OPC UA based machines. DataXchange can also collect automatically from older and manual machines using an SRC, our low cost hardware module.


OEE Monitoring for Legacy CNCs, Manual Machines, PLC’s, Welders, Robots and More

DataXchange can monitor voltage signals, current flow, as well as triggering off of devices such as presence or light sensors for the collection of OEE metrics.  In addition, external files can be read automatically along with the ability to integrating with external systems opening the doors to many third party integrations.


Powerful and Customizable Data Collection Rules

It’s one thing to know what the machines are doing, it’s another to categorize the data based on your definition of what the machines are doing.  For example, is the machine in cycle during automatic tool changes, program and optional stops, or feed hold?  How about when it’s running, but with the feed rate override at 80%, or during warmup cycles?  The power of DataXchange allows you to make these types of decisions to meet your specific OEE monitoring needs, trigger notifications, increase shop floor utilization, decrease downtime, along with so much more.


Tablet and PC Based Manual Data Entry

One of the best methods to improve OEE and utilization is to reduce downtime, regardless if it is planned or unplanned.  Therefore it’s critical to know why machines are not running. While some of this information can be collected automatically or inferred from the data, many times input from an operator is needed.  The DataXchange Operator Data Interface Screen provides an easy to use interface that runs on PCs and tablets to categorize planned and unplanned downtimes, update dashboards as well as triggering and sending email and text notifications to keep everyone updated on the status of the machines.


Mobile Access

Scytec DataXchange provides iOS and Android users the ability to see the current status of the equipment as well as the ability to run a few of the charts on phones and tablets.


Unlimited Reporting and Charting

DataXchange offers unlimited use of the reports, charts and manufacturing dashboards to provide you with the information you need to monitor OEE and reduce machine downtime and increase shop floor productivity. The available reports and charts include: timelines, trends, equipment status summaries, OEE summaries, downtime Pareto, scrap Pareto, plots, histograms, comparisons, and more.  The configurable Real Time Viewer dashboard is unlimited as well.


Unlimited Users

There is no limit to the amount of users that can use DataXchange to view data in reports, charts, or the real time manufacturing dashboard. Additionally, an unlimited number of user groups can be created providing easy management and providing users with information specific to their needs.


Scalable and Flexible Licensing

With DataXchange providing unlimited reporting, charting, and dashboard usage the licensing couldn’t be any simpler.  DataXchange is licensed based on the amount of equipment that data is acquired from.  There are multiple license levels that allow some equipment to have basic data acquisition while others collect a wide range and volume of data.  The licensing can be moved freely from machine to machine and even from plant to plant.  This approach allows you to start simple and expand and grow not only with additional machines, but also with the type of data that is being collected.


Web Services API for Integration

Scytec developed DataXchange utilizing cutting edge web technology enabling DataXchange to integrate with manufacturing software such as ERP systems, scheduling systems and machine maintenance systems such as CMMS.


Caron Engineering Inc

DataXchange allows you to take your Caron Engineering products such as TMAC (Tool Monitoring and Adaptive Control) to the next level.  Scytec DataXchange easy integrates with Caron Engineering products enhancing the value of both DataXchange and the Caron products by expanding the machine data collection ability and allowing you to view data such as TMAC status on the real time manufacturing dashboard as well as analyze raw data from TMAC.


Supports Multiple Plants Across Time Zones

No shop is too small, and no enterprise is too large for DataXchange.  DataXchange is designed for shops with a few machines as well as scaling to meet the needs of multinational manufacturing operations by harnessing the power of the Cloud or with On Premise installations. The DataXchange licensing, pricing and implementation is designed to scale from a few machines to multiple plants across time zones, enabling you to view and analyze machine data from anywhere at anytime.   The distributed design allows the comparison of metrics such as utilization, downtimes and OEE reports & charts across machines and across plants.


Supports Multiple, Customizable Languages

Default languages can be set at an application level, a plant level, as well as at an individual user level allowing one workstation to display in different languages based on the user name.


Contact our sales team to schedule a free demo and learn more about the features available in DataXchange OEE monitoring software that can increase productivity on your shop floor.