CGTech CNC Machine Connect

Achieve High-Accuracy Digital Twins with VERICUT Using a Live Connection to CNC Machines Through DataXchange

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Scytec has partnered with CGTech for integrating the Scytec DataXchange shop floor machine monitoring system into VERICUT via CGTech’s new CNC Machine Connect module. The integration gives users the ability to connect VERICUT directly to CNC machines through DataXchange to utilize real-time data from the shop floor. Take your CNC simulation to a new level by creating the most accurate digital twin of your machines possible and establish a more streamlined manufacturing process.

Pre Check

CNC Machine Connect allows users to conduct a Pre-Check after running a VERICUT simulation and before manufacturing a part on the machine for the first time. Pre-Check verifies that the data and parameters used in the simulation match what is on the machine. This prevents unexpected errors from appearing when you run your part for the first time on your shop floor.

If Pre-Check shows that machine parameters and setup details such as the main NC program, subprogram, tools, length offsets, and more match what was in VERICUT, it’s time to press Cycle Start on the machine. If differences are identified, users can investigate and update these on the CNC machine or use the Update feature in CNC Machine Connect to update VERICUT with the machine data to rerun the simulation and ensure there are no new problems or unexpected errors before pressing the Cycle Start button on the CNC machine.

CNC Machine Connect Highlights:

• Read machine setup information such as main NC programs, subprograms, axis locations, work offsets, and tooling to compare with VERICUT’s Machine Configuration (VMC).
• Read machine parameters to improve VERICUT’S digital twin machine.
• Identify differences between machine variables, parameters, and settings and update the VERICUT simulation to verify that these values produce the intended result.
• The ability to Live Stream the machining process for insight into axis positions, overrides, tooling, and more.
• Investigate potential issues that may have caused parts to be out of specification.
• Review any modifications to the NC program, subroutines, feed rates, spindle speeds, and more.
• Identify and review any errors or problems that resulted in overrides or emergency stops.
• Compare live cycle times to VERICUT’s predicted run times.

Live Streaming

Coming Soon: The CNC Machine Connect Live Streaming functionality brings true digital twin capabilities to reality. With live streaming data from Scytec DataXchange, VERICUT is driven by the actual CNC machine data points. See exactly what the machine is doing at all times, from within VERICUT.