Reducing machine downtime is an integral part of increasing overall equipment effectiveness and shop floor productivity. DataXchange offers a variety of machine downtime tracking methods to track both planned and unplanned machine downtime. Some downtimes can be pulled automatically from the equipment, and scheduled planned downtime such as lunch breaks can be entered automatically with shop floor data entry rules. However, many downtimes must be manually entered in order to accurately account for reasons the equipment is not running.

Downtime Pareto Chart Machine Monitoring
Discover the biggest issues with your shop floor with the Down Time Pareto Chart

User defined unplanned downtime can be entered manually by machine operators on PCs and tablets with DataXchange’s easy to use Data Entry interface providing greater flexibility and downtime tracking capability. As data is entered into the system, machine status is viewable on real time manufacturing dashboards, and text or email notifications can be sent to keep you updated if an issue arises with the machines. Pareto, OEE summary and trend analysis charts are available on configurable dashboards or historical reports and charts. The available machine downtime monitoring software features of DataXchange provide you with actionable data to create target machine utilization KPI’s that help you meet your lean manufacturing goals.

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Receive the most accurate machine statuses with ODI


  • Proactive email and text notifications
  • Automate data entry for planned breaks
  • Reduce downtime, increase productivity
  • Easy to use PC and tablet interface for entering downtimes
  • Visual manufacturing with the real-time dashboard
  • See what your machines are really doing
  • Actionable data to reduce machine downtime

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