Having the ability to retrieve data from equipment is one thing, but ensuring the data is providing accurate information about what is really going on is another. The power of logic based Expressions with DataXchange not only provides a solution to the problem, but also empowers the customer with the control over the logic being used to determine the results and actions of the data being collected.

Expressions allow basic logic statements to be built and utilized in real-time as data is being received from equipment, from the DataXchange Data Entry screen, or other sources of data. For example, if the machine is in setup, should a machine cycle automatically end the planned downtime of being in Setup?  Functionality such as this can be done with the expressions.  The following are just a few additional scenarios that the Expressions can be used for.


At times some in cycle status signals need to be ignored. For example, when the equipment is down and maintenance personnel are troubleshooting a problem. Scytec DataXchange Expressions can be configured to allow the cycle signal to be ignored when the equipment is in certain planned or unplanned downtime statuses, or any other combination of current or previous statuses.


When data about a piece of equipment can come from multiple sources such as the machine control, a scanner, or a tablet, it’s not the best practice to simply assume incoming data is accurate. The Scytec DataXchange Expressions allow the incoming data to be compared across the different sources of data.  For example, if the machine is really running and someone entered a downtime code on the Data Entry tablet, should the status stay as being in cycle or go into the downtime?  While the system comes with defaults, the power of the Expressions let you determine this rather than the system forcing you into one method of shop floor data collection.


The Expressions not only evaluate data to determine the status of the equipment, but they can also be used to trigger notifications.  For example, if there’s currently a shift active, and the machine has not been running for 10 minutes, and no one has provided a reason as to why the machine is not running, then send an email or text message.  Escalation scenarios can be built up as well.

The power and flexibility of the Expressions provides endless options to allow DataXchange to grow as the shop floor data collection and machine monitoring needs of your business grow.