Scytec DataXchange Case Studies


With the goal of sharing machine monitoring success stories from within the multiple different industries that DataXchange services, Scytec has created case studies from customers that have recognized the value of DataXchange. 


Tech Manufacturing achieved a fifteen percent increase in utilization, improved maintenance, and won new business by implementing DataXchange.

Tech Manufacturing (now part of ADDMAN) produces complex, tight tolerance parts, of medium to large size for any industry. Tech’s material scope is vast and their work is heralded for airframe applications.


Utilizing the rich feature set of Scytec DataXchange, Manes Machine witnessed increases in maintenance, scheduling, teamwork, and processes.

Manes Machine and Engineering Company produces complex aerospace-related industry parts on 5 Axis machines. The company offers assembly and kitting and are specialists in machining Titanium and other exotic metals.


With the help of Scytec DataXchange, Future Foam achieved a five to ten percent increase in productivity and a five to seven increase in OEE.

Future Foam is one of the leading producers of foam materials, manufacturing their products to meet clients’ exact specifications every single time. Future Foam uses proprietary best-in-class formulations and creates a precise level of rebond carpet cushion to absorb impact, keeping floors soft, and carpets lasting longer.


With the assistance of the Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring platform, Senior Aerospace AMT achieved a 15 to 20 percent increase in their shop floor utilization.

Senior Aerospace AMT is a leading manufacturer of structural parts for large commercial, military aerospace, and space manufacturers. AMT specializes in the machining and assembly of components and structures, with the ability to machine large parts.



Scytec and Mitsubishi Electric Automation utilize the universal connectivity enabled by MTConnect to fast-track access to better data. The IMA Adapter, combined with Scytec DataXchange software accelerates the journey to Smart Manufacturing.