Scytec Partners and Associations

Partners and Associations

Caron Engineering Inc.

Scytec and Caron Engineering have partnered to help take shop floor monitoring and manufacturing to the next level.  The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is to use technology to network devices with data gathering sensors to collect and analyze data, as well as to allow the devices to share data.  Caron Engineering’s tool monitoring and control systems such as TMAC and Auto Comp, combined with Scytec’s DataXchange data collection and Cloud services, is a prime example of the Internet of Things at work.  The benefits and value are endless.  There’s great functionality in place, and so much more to come.

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MTConnect Technical Advisory Group

Scytec Consulting Inc. is a proud active member of the MTConnect Institute Technical Advisory Group (TAG).  The TAG is made up of industry, academic, and government stakeholders and advises on proposed enhancements to the standard and initiates working groups. The TAG working groups further the standard in specific technology areas or address specific features and capabilities.

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