Scytec DataXchange machine data collection and machine monitoring system provides four different license levels providing flexibility and scalability for all sizes of manufacturing organizations. The different license levels determine what type of data can be collected, and a combination of the license levels can be used allowing some equipment to only collect cycle status while other equipment also collects downtime, part or OEE related detail. All license levels of DataXchange are compatible with MTConnect & Fanuc FOCAS based machines, utilize SSL Encryption, support multiple time zone reporting, and provide users with unlimited charts, reports and real-time dashboards that are accessible via PC’s and tablets.



The Bronze version contains functionality relating to collecting cycle information. For example, the machine is either running, or not running. All of the non-running time is categorized as Unknown Downtime. Unlimited reporting, charting and real time viewing is included in the Bronze level.


The Silver license level adds functionality to categorize the non-running time into Unplanned and Planned downtimes.  The downtime tracking includes automatic collection from equipment such as when a machine goes into an alarm as well as manual data entry using iPads, Android tables, Windows 10 tablets, PCs or barcode scanners to enter the downtime reasons.  The Silver license level also includes functionality such as automatic entry of scheduled breaks as well as the ability to utilize email and text notifications to alert you of downtime as well as other types of events.


The Gold license level adds the tracking of part related information such as program or part numbers, good and scrap part counts, as well as Caron Engineering TMAC status. Gold also includes the ability to define ideal cycle times and the ability to calculate and display OEE in charts and the real time manufacturing dashboard.


The Platinum license level adds the collection and reporting of Caron Engineering TMAC chart data along with other IIoT types of data acquisition and analysis.


Data Collection
Automatic Cycle Statuses X X X X
Feed Rate and Rapid Overrides X X X X
Unknown Downtime (Idle) X X X X
Planned and Unplanned Downtimes X X X
Barcode Scanner Data Entry X X X
PC Interface for Data Entry X X X
Tablet Interface for Data Entry X X X
Alarm Detail X X
Part Numbers X X
Good, and Scrap Parts X X
Reporting Charting Exporting
Reporting and Charting LicensesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Real-Time Viewer LicensesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
iPhone / iPad Viewer X X X X
Android Phone / Tablet Viewer X X X X
MTConnect Data Viewer X X X X
Export Data to Excel and CSV X X X X
Saved Reports X X X X
Email and Text Notifications X X X
MTConnect X X X X
Fanuc Focas X X X X
PCs and Tablets X X X X
Status Relay Controller / Ethernet X X X X
Status Relay Controller / RS-232 X X X X
Barcode Scanners / Ethernet X X X
Barcode Scanners / RS-232 X X X
SSL Encryption X X X X
Menu Level Permission X X X X
Group Level Permissions X X X X
Advanced Features
Multi-time Zone Reporting X X X X
Multi-Database Reporting X X X X
Multi-Language X X X X
Customizable Languages X X X X
Application Programming Interface X X X X
Ideal Cycle Times for Parts X X
Ideal Setup Times for Equipment X X
Caron TMAC Status X X
Caron TMAC Chart Data X