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The Safest Way to Store Smart Factory Data

The benefits of the Scytec DataXchange Secure Cloud include safeguarding sensitive data and providing a Cloud solution that meets the requirements of industry regulations. DataXchange Secure Cloud is specifically designed to meet the compliance and security requirements of customers beyond the standard Commercial Cloud offerings.

Leading aerospace and defense companies rely on the Scytec DataXchange Secure Cloud solution to deliver a state-of-the-art, modern smart factory machine monitoring system while satisfying regulations such as the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Scytec DataXchange Secure Cloud runs in the AWS GovCloud providing an environment for hosting manufacturing data that meets the requirements of many regulations for hosting sensitive data in the Cloud. 

Machine Monitoring That Meets ITAR Requirements

AWS GovCloud (US) is an isolated cloud region. The data centers with the AWS GovCloud region are only accessible to vetted, qualified U.S. personnel with strict controls on data center access. Utilizing AWS GovCloud provides a variety of advantages including enhanced security in an isolated environment on sovereign soil only accessible to U.S. personnel. In addition, AWS GovCloud adheres to a wide range of compliance standards including ITAR. Data sovereignty makes DataXchange Secure Cloud suitable for organizations that must meet strict regulatory requirements for data residency and security.

The protection doesn’t stop with the physical requirements for the data center for a Cloud hosted solution. Scytec DataXchange Secure Cloud also provides additional measures such as having all data encrypted at rest along with data encrypted in motion over the Internet.  Access logging within DataXchange is available for full transparency and visibility along with granular permissions on all functionality. DataXchange provides a fully configurable solution to meet the strict requirements mandated by many regulations. 

Offering Scytec DataXchange in the Cloud as a standard offering as well as in a Secure Cloud within the AWS GovCloud has supported the digital transformation of public sector organizations of all types of companies across a wide range of industries with varying regulations.