MTConnect Overview


Scytec DataXchange OEE monitoring software fully supports MTConnect enabled machines. Scytec, being an active member of the MTConnect Standards Committee, can help answer any questions that may arise about the use of MTConnect, such as, what is MTConnect, how to get MTConnect, or how MTConnect should be installed on your machine.

MTConnect is a protocol designed for the exchange of data between shop floor equipment and software applications. The MTConnect standard works over Ethernet and HTTP and enables manufacturing equipment from different suppliers to provide data in a standard, structured format rather than providing data in proprietary formats.

Version 1.0 of the MTConnect Standard was released in 2008 and is maintained and advanced by the MTConnect Institute.  The MTConnect Institute is a subsidiary of the Association for Manufacturing Technology.

Some of the benefits of utilizing MTConnect include:

  • Ethernet based, no hardware to install
  • Collect a rich set of data from the machine
  • Open standard, non-proprietary technology
  • Supported across multiple machine tool builders

Please contact Scytec with any questions you have about using MTConnect with DataXchange OEE monitoring software.