Scytec DataXchange can integrate with a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning systems providing real-time data from the ERP system to the shop floor, as well as providing accurate, real-time production data to ERP. 

DataXchange can utilize data from Enterprise Resource Planning in a variety of ways.  The real-time edge analytics engine within DataXchange can provide visual shop floor notifications on the Operator Data Interface (ODI) as well as the Real-Time Viewer (RTV) dashboard when ideal setup times or build quantities have been exceeded.  

The DataXchange Operator Data Interface can display operation routing data from ERP allowing operators to clock into and out of work orders.  Labor, setup and machine time can then automatically be collected against job numbers and uploaded to ERP.  Part counts can also be uploaded, either automatically, or using a confirmation process to ensure accuracy of the good and scrap quantities.

DataXchange can utilize the ideal operation and setup times from ERP for real-time visual or text notifications on whether standards have been exceeded.  The reporting and charting within DataXchange can show deviations as to how well the shop floor is performing against the standards.

Once the initial implementation of DataXchange is in place Enterprise Resource Planning software integration is a logical next step to take DataXchange machine monitoring to the next level and to continue to get increase the value from Industry 4.0 technologies. 

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