October 6, 2020

The Scytec DataXchange Fall update has some exciting new features that have just been released.

New technology has been added to DataXchange. Rather than waiting a minute or so for the latest status, the Real Time Viewer (RTV) dashboard will soon update equipment statuses in real-time in the Shop Floor Layout View and in the Equipment Status Grid view. This will be enabled slowly but surely over the next week. In future releases we will see this technology carry over to other fields in the RTV as well as in the mobile apps and also in the new Data Display browser application which was introduced in our last update.

Other changes include more control over MTConnect, OPC UA and Haas NGC mappings, a new FOCAS viewer to check current values, as well as additional options to automatically import data.

The team here also added a section to the new help platform that we introduced in our last update. The help topics can now also be viewed by Roles making it even easier to find topics based on the role within the company.