OEE Machine
Monitoring Software


With all the distinctions in manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment a key to a successful OEE machine monitoring execution is to have software that has flexible, yet powerful data collection rules.  In addition to the data collection rules, reports, charts and real time dashboards to represent and share the data is essential for the long term and ongoing success of an OEE machine monitoring system.

  • Availability: determined by the equipment being available for production when the equipment has been scheduled to run by tracking unplanned stops relative to planned stops
  • Performance: refers to how much loss there is by running at less than optimal speed by comparing the actual run times against the ideal cycle times.
  • Quality: calculation identifies waste of producing parts that are below an acceptable standard by taking the ratio of good parts over all parts produced.


  • Real-time Equipment Monitoring
  • Automatic and Manual Collection of Cycle and Operation time, Planned and Unplanned Downtimes, along with Job tracking
  • OEE Software provides machine downtime tracking
  • Identifies waste and captures run data