Mastering The Operator Data Interface (ODI)

In this Scytec DataXchange webinar, we guide you through how to master the Operator Data Interface, the supplemental application that allows manufacturers to be able to get feedback from their shop floor personnel via a tablet for the most accurate machine status.

Continuous Improvement with Scytec DataXchange

Following up on the previous webinar, this broadcast will delve into what happens after a successful setup of Scytec DataXchange so that you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your machine monitoring experience. Scytec will be discussing best practices on how to grow with your collected data and keep improving.

The Perfect Machine Monitoring Start-Up Guide: Getting Started with Scytec DataXchange

The process of setting up Industry 4.0 technology can seem a little daunting at first. Join Scytec as we discuss the methods and helpful tips to bring your shop floor into the modern era of smart manufacturing.

Exploring The Differences and Benefits Between DataXchange Applications for Modern Manufacturers

Manufacturers and Scytec DataXchange users can utilize two different types of main Scytec DataXchange applications, the desktop version as well as the browser and mobile-friendly data display. Join Scytec as we discuss the benefits, case studies, and differences between the two in our first webinar of the 2024 year.

Scytec DataXchange: 2023 Update Review

2023 has seen new improvements and features included in the Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring platform. In this webinar, we will review them and answer any questions you may have about DataXchange and what is in store for 2024.

Collecting Equipment Data from Sensors, Non-CNC, and Legacy Machines with Scytec DataXchange

The Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring platform was designed with both modern and legacy shop floor equipment in mind to enjoy all of the benefits of Smart Manufacturing technologies. Register for this webinar and discover how utilizing the Status Relay Controller (SRC), manufacturers, and fabricators can connect Scytec DataXchange to all shop floor equipment.

DataXchange Deployment Types: The Advantages and Compliances of Each DataXchange Deployment

The benefits of each of the Scytec DataXchange deployments including the new DataXchange Secure Cloud as well as Commercial Cloud and On-Premise are explored in this webinar.

DataXchange Licensing Levels: Flexibility with Machine Monitoring that Promotes Growth for All Manufacturers

Scytec DataXchange’s machine data collection and machine monitoring system provides four different license levels providing flexibility and scalability for all sizes of manufacturing organizations. Join Scytec as we discuss the provisions and how to take advantage of your current level.

Shop Floor Awareness with Scytec DataXchange Notifications

Scytec DataXchange lets end users receive real-time notifications through intuitive manufacturing dashboards as well as through Microsoft Teams, text messages, and email. This webinar will explain how you can use the notifications from DataXchange to enhance the efficiency of your shop floor.

VERICUT and DataXchange: Manufacturing Simulations Improved with Machine Monitoring

Scytec has partnered with CGTech, integrating the Scytec DataXchange shop floor machine monitoring system into VERICUT via CGTech’s new CNC Machine Connect module. The integration gives users the ability to connect VERICUT directly to CNC machines through DataXchange to utilize real-time data from the shop floor.

Manufacturing Dashboards: How Shop Floors Get Assistance From Real-Time Data

Watch this webinar to see how manufacturing dashboards that utilize real-time shop floor data can benefit manufacturers.

How to Use Scheduled Charts to Streamline Daily Processes

Scheduled Charts are a new feature in the latest DataXchange update and are an intuitive way to improve your shop floor processes and have your machine status and downtime reports ready to go via email.