The Difference Between Efficiency, Utilization, and Productivity

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OEE Machine Monitoring

Using visual and auditory cues an experienced Manufacturing Manager can often sense when a factory is running well. Silence means no production. No workers present, no production. It’s an informal, and highly subjective, form of machine monitoring with “data” obtained through “Managing By Walking About” (MBWA.) The practice has much to recommend it, but it’s… Read more »

The Difference Between Utilization and Cycle Time

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In DataXchange two commonly used reports and charts are the Equipment Status Summary and the Target Utilization. The Equipment Status Summary shows the statuses that have occurred over the period of time selected, while the Target Utilization shows the utilization percent relative to a target. A common question is whether or not the percent of… Read more »

How to Calculate Utilization for Overhead Conveyors

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Calculate Utilization for Overhead Conveyors

In the past calculating utilization for stations such as paint booths or powder coating lines that use overhead conveyors wasn’t very accurate.  A rudimentary method was simply to monitor whether the conveyor was moving.  However, this did not consider multiple factors including whether any parts were actually present on the conveyor.  An improvement was to… Read more »