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E-Learning Now Available

Scytec has launched a new E-Learning online portal for our manufacturing machine monitoring software, DataXchange. The wide range of topics covered will have educational courses for all shop personnel. After completing this series, the user should be able to achieve the benefits of increased utilization and decreased downtime with proper use of the system.

E-Learning is a sequence of virtual courses that DataXchange users can take at their own pace, at any time. Subjects covered include:

  • Configuring Reporting Options
  • Configuring Shifts and Breaks
  • Data Entry Overview
  • DataXchange Installation
  • Initial Configuration
  • Modifying Existing Machine Data
  • System Administration
  • Understanding the Machine Data Collection Sources
  • Work Orders

Each section is a combination of text and videos that includes a quiz at the end of each class.

An E-Learning subscription can be purchased for 12-months and you will enjoy unlimited-access, 24-hours a day. The access to the portal is controlled with a single subscriber login that can be shared with any employees of the shop floor who may benefit from the classes.

Your E-Learning subscription continues to add value over the year with additional courses added regularly. You also have the ability to retake courses and refresh your skills and knowledge if necessary.

Knowing how to get the most benefits from the machine utilization tracking software is now easier than ever and can help decrease shop floor downtime and increase productivity.

Please reach out to support@scytec.com with any questions or sales@scytec.com to activate or renew your subscription.