IIoT Technology Adoption Advantages for Manufacturers and How Scytec DataXchange Addresses Them

Taking the jump into the digital transformation of the manufacturing world can be a little intimidating, especially if you are unaware of the positives that can be achieved by adopting modern IIoT technologies. In this next article, we will address your fourth industrial revolution concerns and show you the positives that it brings to your manufacturing environment with the help of the Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring platform.

Improved Production Efficiency

As manufacturers move away from traditional paper-based and manual processes, they can improve their production efficiency. In contrast to traditional paper-based and manual processes, deploying automated, cloud-based solutions can streamline processes, facilitate useful analytics, aid in decision-making, reduce costs associated with machine downtime, simplify performance visualization, deliver throughput faster, and improve quality while reducing waste. To achieve this, manufacturers must be able to recognize and visualize issues that occur during the production process. With visibility at every stage of the manufacturing process, businesses can focus on issues causing inefficiencies in the production process. Scytec DataXchange produces real-time charts and notifications that show machine: utilization, downtime summaries, equipment OEE summaries, and part counts. Scytec offers both an On-Premise and Cloud-based subscription to the DataXchange platform, providing options and flexibility for the implementation method. The ability to start in the Cloud and move to On-Premise at a later time provides ultimate flexibility to begin using smart factory technology and expand as needed over time.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Insights into a company’s production processes can be gained through digital technologies and by analyzing data that can be pulled from these implemented systems. Managing by fact, decreasing machine downtime, increasing utilization, and discovering hidden bottlenecks are common goals when implementing an OEE IIoT solution like Scytec DataXchange. Modernizing your shop floor with innovative digital transformation technology will have an impactful effect on your work environment delivering value to customers that your competitors cannot match. It is difficult to do that until you have fully embraced an innovative digital transformation within your business.

The Attraction of Top Talent

Currently, there is a skilled labor exodus in the modern manufacturing landscape and today’s top-tier talent aims to leverage the innovative technologies that are shaping the future of manufacturing. Industry 4.0 and smart factory technologies such as edge computing are the way forward and beyond the antiquated past techniques. At Scytec we have a motto to “change the culture” and we do that by providing a smart factory solution that can easily become part of a manufacturer’s daily routine rather than something that is viewed as an additional task. We have seen shop floor personnel change positions and request Scytec DataXchange at their new employment because they feel they need it to do their job effectively. Additionally, Scytec DataXchange has the ability to identify training issues with new employees by seeing shop floor activity and machine alarms historically and in real-time.