Common Roadblocks to Adopting IIoT Technology and How Scytec DataXchange Addresses Them

After discussing how the application efforts of Industry 4.0 technology can be beneficial to your manufacturing environment, let us discuss the common blockages that prevent modern IIoT adoption and how Scytec DataXchange addresses them.

Time Needed for Implementation

The first misconception is that implementing and utilizing Scytec DataXchange is a time-consuming project. While some time is required, there is an important question that needs to be addressed, regarding whether the time is now for implementing digital transformation technology? Is delaying the implementation of industry 4.0 technology costing your business the ability to scale upwards and a competitive advantage that has become a necessity? By getting started with a Smart Factory solution, companies can accelerate their Industry 4.0 transformations and chart a clear path forward. Focusing on what bottlenecks and issues are slowing your shop floor down is a common result of machine monitoring but you might also discover a hidden avenue of shop floor success of which you were not aware by actively monitoring the data pulled from the machines.

Legacy and Mixed Brand Machines

You may have had your doubts that Industry 4.0 technology would be able to even connect with the machines that you have on your shop floor. Maybe you have a mix of older and newer machines, some with old CNC controls, along with others that have new, modern CNC controls. Not to worry, Scytec DataXchange was developed with legacy equipment in mind and has a low-cost hardware device that can be connected to machines through a wired or wireless Ethernet network for accessing valuable data by reading digital and analog signals. Scytec DataXchange is currently implemented in a wide variety of different machine brand types and supports modern Ethernet protocols including OPC UA, Fanuc FOCAS, MTConnect, and Modbus TCP.

Financial Obligations

The fact is, that manufacturers have been delaying digitization despite knowing the benefits is undeniable. In the past and still true today, most manufacturing systems required large upfront costs. With Scytec DataXchange, no large upfront capital investment is required. Scytec offers a transparent and fair pricing model that is accessible to all businesses with low startup costs and low monthly fees with no minimum orders and license tiers that include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum as well as on-premise or cloud-based subscription models.

Education and Training

Another common barrier to entry we hear is that the learning curve behind a machine monitoring solution might be intimidating to accommodate on an already tight work schedule. Once again Scytec had the end user’s success in mind and has a fully developed online university full of trainings for end-users to get the absolute most out of DataXchange. Scytec University walks users through how to use the software effectively and the valuable assets that separates DataXchange from other machine monitoring platforms like the ability to create custom charts, dashboards, and rules. Support for Scytec DataXchange is provided as part of the monthly subscription and the Scytec team is always here to help with best practices and ensure customers continue to receive value from the smart factory machine monitoring system.

Utilizing smart factory solutions such as DataXchange has traditionally been something that provided a competitive advantage but has turned into something that is required to compete. Please reach out to Scytec at 720-482-8250 or for more information.