The Edge Analytics of Automatic Machine Monitoring Offers Shop Floor Solutions Not Available in MES

MES platforms that are all-encompassing might not satisfy a manufacturer’s needs the way that a dedicated machine monitoring system can. A broad organizational tool like MES cannot achieve the depth, complexity, and inherent data-driven truth of a machine monitoring system like Scytec DataXchange. DataXchange opens a new world of smart factory flexibility to all shopfloor personnel and not just operations, scheduling, and accounting professionals. Scytec DataXchange provides the ability to build a new kind of technology stack that custom fits the needs of your shop floor by offering tools that do not exist with higher-level business systems.

Scytec DataXchange, contains customizable rules to evaluate data in real-time, manufacturing dashboards, and the Operator Data Interface (ODI) that make Scytec DataXchange a standout in modern IIoT and OEE systems. Scytec DataXchange can be utilized with sensors at the field level, CNCs and PLCs at the control level, and HMIs at the supervisory level, and still be useful at organizational and management levels by fostering transparency across all levels of a shop floor.

Using Edge-Analytics, Scytec DataXchange automatically analyzes data being pulled from shop floor equipment in real-time. Scytec DataXchange is an edge analytic tool that can help with latency issues with end users’ choice of cloud or on-premise deployment models that fall within regulatory guidelines like ITAR. Data processing occurring at the edge can ensure that the data is meaningful and shop floor personnel react to important information and alerts in real-time that keep machines producing. Edge data obtained by machine monitoring achieves success by fostering operational efficiency, continuous monitoring, and storing historical data. Evaluation of edge data can help increase throughput quality and reduce waste to increase operational efficiency.