Low and High Volume: How Scytec DataXchange Provides Value

Low Volume High Mix Job

Scytec DataXchange offers many features to help low volume environments and job shops control costs and improve by tracking machine utilization and downtime. Setup, changeovers, and first article runs are frequently some of the largest sources of lost production time. Scytec DataXchange helps capture and identify the reasons for downtimes by pulling data automatically from the shop floor equipment and supplementing this data with input from the shop floor personnel using the intuitive Operator Data Interface (ODI). ODI runs on PCs, tablets, and phones providing real-time feedback to operators as well as a fast, simple method of entering user-definable downtime reasons. Email, text, and Microsoft Teams messages can be triggered automatically or manually if assistance is needed, all while shop floor dashboards communicate real-time information to the entire team.

High Volume Low Mix Production

Production environments with long runs benefit from Scytec DataXchange with the ability to monitor equipment automatically identifying stoppages in real-time and notifying shop floor personnel of upcoming needs. Common use cases include dashboards and notifications displaying current and historical alarm data along with immediately knowing when an unattended machine stops running. Visibility into tool life, as well as knowing when a material is running low, or when upcoming preventative maintenance is needed, allows management to schedule resources efficiently resulting in lower costs and higher production. Real-time email, text, and Microsoft Teams notifications and dashboard visibility into anomalies such as running with the feed rate override turned down, saves valuable production time as well as helps control tooling costs and prevent quality issues.

In Conclusion

A company’s ability to absorb smart factory technology and processes that facilitate teamwork, transparency, and consolidates old techniques, will help increase utilization and decrease machine downtime. DataXchange is a flexible shop floor communication tool that serves all environments of the manufacturing world and is a perfect fit for your shop floor.