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Investing in Digital Transformation

Why Manufacturing Companies Should Be Investing in Digital Transformation

At Scytec, we believe in changing the current culture of the CNC manufacturing world by managing principles of fact and letting your machines not yet utilized data work for you. As the world moves further into the modernization of shop floor performance a question remains. After evaluating the digital and technical innovations brought on by Industry 4.0 what is the ability to foresee the potential ROI of your company’s investment? In the world of business, being proactive is a must, and being reactive is a must avoid. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Data Leverage Earns Its Keep

One of the big tenets of digital transformation is how manufacturers are leveraging data from different machines across a vast array of different networks and making sure the pipeline from operational technologies (OT) to informational technologies (IT) communicate as effectively we wish our machines to. This is one of our biggest strengths at Scytec as your data is pulled from a variety of machine types and visualizes the data into one convenient system with easy reporting features that can be always accessed with no lag time.

Our DataXchange technology used to be something that gave you a competitive advantage but has now turned into something that is required to compete into furthering your digital transformation strategies. In our minds leveraging data works best by modernizing it and having it communicate across the board with the Cloud, on-premise, or text and email notifications being accessed while mobile. According to the 2019 annual manufacturing report from The Manufacturer

-91% of manufacturers feel that data from connecting machines will inform decision making and reduce costs

-74% feel smart factory technology will streamline internal company processes from the supply chain to the shop floor all the way to the head honchos.

– 27% of manufactures are not currently planning on adopting any sort of smart factory software

scytec machine monitoring software

Only one out of five small to medium-sized manufacturers consider themselves connected to the world of Industry 4.0 and its emerging business models and should “take a good look at their digital maturity and assess whether they have what it takes to grow and succeed in the future”.

The Misleading Consciousness of Data/Information Integration

A lot of the shared apprehension that is heard throughout the industry for applying smart data from live production is that…

“It’s too time-consuming”

“It’s for the big dogs”

“My data is sensitive”

While there may have been a time that some of these complaints have had some legitimacy, that is simply not the case today and not the case with the DataXchange software from Scytec. The data from your machines are securely encrypted and we offer a low-cost subscription model that yields a beneficial return on investment. On top of that, data collection sensors are cheaper, OEM devices are more efficient, data stored in the cloud is more secure and visualization platforms like DataXchange make it accessible. The more that manufacturers expose data the better.

Edge Computing and its use in Digital Transformation Strategy

Edge Computing holds the key to successful IT/OT synthesis. There is more to implementation than just connecting devices from the shop floor to the IT department at the enterprise level. Edge Computing is the useful middle floor of your machining devices and business applications. Edge Computing finds its precipice at the manufacturing floor and operates between the cloud and data collection points sensors, drives, PLCs, and robots. Scytec’s DataXchange platform and its useful expressions are an authority in Edge Computing since its launch in 2012. With Edge Computing interfaces like DataXchange, you can monitor data across the entire production floor with real-time diagnostics and remotely monitor connected devices.

A key success indicator is that over the next decade manufacturers stay connected with their shop floor operations and can collect, leverage, decipher and visualize the necessary data. Kodak, Remington, Blockbuster, and Borders are all notable companies that come to mind that paid no attention to the digital transformation strategies making up modern-day smart manufacturing and paid the ultimate price.

So don’t wait any longer. Schedule a demo with Scytec and see how the DataXchange platform can prep your shop floor for the demands of Industry 4.0 and become an authority with the right innovative technology to master digital transformation