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Understanding Machine Downtime

Your shop floor machines are either actively running in production mode and or they are experiencing downtime. Hopefully, when the machines are expected to be running, they are performing the way they are designed to— unfortunately, this is where manufacturing can get tricky. Many manufacturers still rely on outdated pen-and-paper charting to report how their machines are running throughout the production cycle. This is generally time-consuming and inaccurate. Things like manual overrides, shortstops, and downtimes fail to be reported due to manual processes.

Most shop floor managers can attribute downtime as their biggest opportunity for improvement. Reducing unplanned downtime on your machines is an integral part of increasing overall equipment effectiveness and shop floor productivity. One of the best ways manufacturers can mitigate that is by tracking both planned and unplanned machine downtime to analyze real-time data and identify patterns.

The Scytec DataXchange platform is uniquely centered around harnessing that data. The available machine monitoring software features provide you with actionable data to create target machine utilization KPI’s unique to your company, helping you meet your lean manufacturing goals.


  • Automatically detect downtime and set alerts for downtime events
  • Use data to identify and confront the sources of unplanned downtime and set goals to reduce planned downtime
  • Monitor machine conditions such as status, temperature, thresholds, operator overrides, and more
  • Accurately measure the effect downtime has on production, performance, and cost
  • From the shop floor to the top floor – enable faster decision-making on all levels with actionable, real-time data