What is machine downtime? What is downtime manufacturing?

Machine downtime in the manufacturing world is simply any time that the machine is not producing. Though full utilization would be ideal, some downtime is not only acceptable but necessary. Common downtime reasons include planned downtime, maintenance or set up.

What is a downtime report?

A downtime report will track machine downtime by day, shift, week or machine. Downtime reports can be customizable for each industry and position within the production facility. This report can pass along data and a breakdown of each type of downtime.

What is OEE software?

OEE software is a broad term for any system or software program that will analyze, monitor and track Overall Equipment Effectiveness through connected devices. OEE uses IIoT technology to provide shop floor intelligence that maximizes productivity and increases waste. Examples of OEE software are Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Quality Management System (QMS) and Machine Monitoring.

What is down time maintenance?

Down time maintenance refers to a system of planned predictive maintenance to minimize unplanned downtime as well as maximizing utilization. Sensors can help predict what components may be misaligned or producing excessive heat; identify indistinct friction or leaks and grinding elements in the machine.

What is a production monitoring system?

A Production Monitoring System measures, records and analyzes production line performance in real time. A comprehensive production monitoring system will measure downtime, production time, scrap, rejects, total parts produced and parts remaining to be generated.

What is downtime analysis?

Downtime Analysis records all machine down time by category, time not producing and whether the downtime was planned or unplanned. This analysis can provide insight into crucial issues causing waste and decreasing productivity.

Machine Monitoring in Manufacturing can provide powerful data that will streamline your production line, increase productivity, decrease downtime and allow for proactive management.