Machine Monitoring


Scytec Consulting Inc. is proud to introduce two highly requested features inside the DataXchange machine monitoring platform pertaining to Modbus TCP. During the second week of January 2022, DataXchange was updated with an added ability to utilize Modbus TCP greatly expanding the landscape of devices that can be communicated with and monitored. The addition of Modbus TCP inside of Scytec DataXchange is a valuable addition for manufacturers needing to monitor PLCs and robots, especially with the increased use of cobots to address the labor shortage. The requests for remote monitoring of their efficiency and the need for receiving alerts have increased as cobots are running longer hours. Valuable production data from cobot monitoring can provide customers with the tools to identify bottlenecks, minimize downtime and optimize production whether in a high-volume lights-out setting or a low-volume job shop. Collaborative robots are an effective way to improve shop floor OEE and Industry 4.0 techniques.

If you have any questions about whether or not DataXchange can properly connect to your shop floor cobots or PLCs please call 720-482-8250 or click this link and we can show you how.