GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO- February 8th, 2022- In its continual pursuit to transform shop floors across the world, Scytec is proud to announce a partnership with Absolute Machine Tools. This exciting partnership between two industry leaders will see Scytec’s revolutionary data collection software, DataXchange being provided with CNC machines being sold by Absolute Machine Tools for maximizing machine uptime and opening the door to hidden revenue streams for end-users. Partnering with Absolute Machine Tools is another leap forward in Scytec’s mission to modernize the manufacturing industry by utilizing and leveraging data collection and it is paramount to the next big step in digital transformation. Strategically partnering will accelerate growth for both Scytec and Absolute Machine Tools by capitalizing on each other’s strengths and previous decades of prevalence to create compelling value and continued meaning for both companies. Absolute Machine Tool’s customer base and end-users will greatly benefit from this partnership by utilizing DataXchange and unlocking hidden value inside each machine on their shop floor. Scytec’s mission is to transform the modern-day culture of manufacturing and will be there with Absolute Machine Tools along the way.