Recent Software Updates

Happy New Year!  We’re off to a great start this year with our first DataXchange update of 2019.  This update brings a few new features as well as some functionality to maintain certain expressions and equipment status colors.  The key new features include the ability to schedule planned downtimes and automate the entry of the downtimes.  The ability to import work orders through and Excel Workbook has been added, and we welcome the addition of
The Scytec DataXchange Fall update contained only a few additions, but they were rather large additions.  The Operator Data Interface (ODI) screen was introduced, which is will be a replacement to the Data Entry screen.  The ODI screen has a modern look and many new features as well as a modern foundation for future features that will be added.  In addition to the ODI screen Work Order were added to DataXchange.  Work Orders can now
The DataXchange August update has some exciting new features as well as some nuts and bolts improvements.  As far as features go, saved charts can now be assigned as a View in the RTV Dashboard. Connectivity Monitoring has been added to DataXchange which can monitor and track the health of multiple type of connectivity including the connection to the machines and to the Cloud.  In addition, a new feature has been added to the Data
Our June update contains additional filtering and sorting options for some of the reports, charts and the Real Time Viewer. The RTV filtering and sorting was added to the Target Utilization view and the Equipment Status Grid view allowing data of interest to be more obvious and useful.  A new Part Per Hour Excel report has been added as well as a variety of performance enhancements to both DataXchange and the DataXchange update process.
The Scytec DataXchange Spring update has some great new features such as additional filters for some of the reports and charts, a new target utilization trend chart as well as adding ideal operation times.  A few reports and Excel exports were added to the My Reports and Group Reports and some new functionality with Data Entry Notes have been implemented as well.   The Real Time Viewer Dashboard received some performance improvements as well as the
First of all, all of us at Scytec would like to wish everyone a happy holidays!  It has been our passion to see you improve, and a pleasure helping you reach your goals, and we look forward to working with you in the new year. Our final update of 2017 brings many new features including a new OEE report, a Part Count Per Day Per Shift Report, additional SRC options including collecting analog values such