Recent Software Updates

The DataXchange update this month brings a few new features related to operator notes, the emailing of notes from the Data Entry screen, and from the reporting side we added the ability to dynamically add new equipment at the Plant level to RTV Views and Saved Charts automatically as the equipment is added to the system.  We’ve also added the capability to upload part numbers, ideal setup times and ideal cycle times from an Excel
Our DataXchange summer update was a long time coming.  This update is packed full of new features, bug fixes and performance optimizations.  Key additions include OPC UA to collect over Ethernet from equipment that contains PLCs and the ability to associate data with Users.  The Shop Floor Data Entry Screen received some improvements as well including capability to categorize Unknown Downtime that occurred in the past.  DataXchange will now also automatically update itself while running,
The DataXchange update for Spring 2017 provides a few new features, bug fixes, as well as some performance improvements.  The SRC has some new functionality and flexibility for collecting both digital and analog signals.  A new Excel utilization by shift report has been added, along with additional video formats for the RTV Browser View, and some new note capability on the Shop Floor Data Entry Screen.
Our first update of 2017 brings a lot of great new features. Report templates have been added along with the ability to email reports on a schedule. Automatic collection along with reports and Pareto charts of alarms from Fanuc FOCAS and MTConnect based machines is another welcome addition. The DataXchange Real Time Viewer Dashboard has some new functionality enabling andon capability as well as the ability to display custom messages from the Data Entry screen
The DataXchange holiday update is primarily a maintenance release updating many of the core components with quite a few minor features.  Functionality was added to auto map to MTConnect machines as well as adding functionality relating to MTConnect Conditions (also known as machine alarms) and the real-time MTConnect data viewer.  There  were also some changes to the OEE real-time view to include additional filtering options.
Our fall update brings some new functionality to DataXchange including a new MTConnect Data Viewer, OEE views in the RTV dashboard, and operation time chart.  There were some speed improvements relating to ideal times for OEE along with an Excel export for operation times.