Scytec DataXchange 2020

Vision for 2020

To start with, everyone here at Scytec would like to wish all of our customers a happy New Year.  As we step into the new decade we wanted to share a little information about some upcoming plans for 2020 and our roadmap for the Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring service, as well as the upcoming trends in machine monitoring and data collection across the industry. 

The industry in general is definitely seeing a continued and rapid move towards Industry 4.0 technologies.   The use of real-time data on the shop floor is greatly changing the approach to managing on a day to day basis with very positive results.  On this front Scytec will be continuing to enhance our industry leading manufacturing dashboard.  Other areas of change in the industry include putting technology in the hands of the operator.  Getting and providing real time information to people running the shop floor equipment has shown to have dramatic improvements not only from increasing utilization, but also identifying training and process issues that improve quality and productivity.  Scytec has plans to continue to expand the capabilities of the DataXchange Operator Data Interface screen (ODI) to ensure our customers continue to have the tools needed to stay competitive and succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing environment. 

We all know that breaking down the data silos is required to truly take advantage of the benefits of Industry 4.0 concepts.  In terms of data that is external to DataXchange, Scytec will be expanding the DataXchange ERP integration capabilities throughout 2020. 

More specifically to DataXchange, the upcoming year will see many new features added to DataXchange.  From the machine data collection side, in 2020, there will be new data Sources added to DataXchange making it easier and more cost effective to connect to some of the newer common machines. Some additions are planned for the Operator Data Interface screen providing more capability along with additional items that can be viewed on the ODI.  For the RTV, the real-time manufacturing dashboard, some architecture changes are in the plans as well to help improve performance and add enhanced capability.  Also in store for the manufacturing dashboard is the much anticipated addition of multiple new Data Views that will be added to the Real Time Viewer.  Down the road Scytec is also planning on providing some distinct insight into preventative maintenance. 

To ensure our customers always have the latest technologies DataXchange will slowly but surely be replacing all of the reports and charts which will be built on a brand-new platform.  Along with this change Scytec will introduce all new mobile reporting and charting apps for Android and iOS allowing even more reports, charts and real time data to be viewed on phones and tablets.  We’re not stopping there either.  Browser based reporting and charting will be introduced into DataXchange as well providing additional methods of access the shop floor data.  For a consistent experience, all methods of accessing the data will have a similar look and feel, share the application translations and the filter selections will also be shared across all methods of accessing the data. 

Here at Scytec we’re excited about the many new improvements and updates that we have planned for the upcoming year and beyond.  We look forward to continuing to interact and work with our customers to ensure DataXchange stays the number one solution for manufacturing OEE and machine monitoring