2019-in-Review Scytec DataXchange

2019 in Review

As the year comes to a close, we want to take a minute to thank all our customers for a great 2019 and reflect back on some of the events that took place within DataXchange and for Scytec in general. 

DataXchange had multiple updates throughout the year as well as the addition of the dedicated ERP integration module.  The biggest change for DataXchange this year was the complete redesign of the Expression management.  Not only are the Expressions much easier to assign and manage now, but the new structure provides better history of previous expressions along with expanded capabilities for supporting and updating expressions.  The redesign was our largest update ever, and while these changes took quite a while to complete, this new architecture will be a great asset for Scytec and all of our customers moving forward.    

A few of the other key features and functionality added to DataXchange include importing work orders using the Excel template, the scheduling of planned downtimes, monitoring the health of the connectivity to the equipment and to the Cloud, enhanced password security and Active Directory integration. 

The DataXchange eLearning platform has continued to grow and provide valuable tutorials about the use of DataXchange.  The eLearning platform now has over 10 courses with more than 100 lessons covering a wide range of topics. 

A few of the courses available on the Scytec DataXchange eLearning platform

From the company prospective, Scytec moved into a new, larger office space allowing us to continue to grow.  Scytec expanded our social media presence and now has a monthly newsletter that goes out to all active DataXchange users helping to keep the DataXchange community up to date on important DataXchange changes, DataXchange tips, and general machine monitoring, data collection, Industry 4.0 and OEE related news. 

2019 was a great year for Scytec and for DataXchange.  We would like to thank the DataXchange community for all of the ongoing feedback and support keeping DataXchange as one of the leading machine monitoring solutions in the industry.  We look forward to continued growth of DataXchange in the year to come.  With our next update already planned for early January we will continue to have many new features and updates to ensure the service stays as the leading OEE and machine monitoring solution to help our customers succeed.