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What is IIoT and What Role Does it play in Manufacturing?

IIoT, or the Industrial Internet of Things is a very common phrase in this Industry 4.0 world.  First, let’s look at the definition of the Internet of Things.  The Internet of Things is simply devices connected to the Internet that have the ability to send or exchange data.  The reason for the popularity of IoT is that utilizing this data can provide value in many forms.  Now, considering the fact that the manufacturing industry generates a lot more data than any other industry the which can be used to create many types of opportunities for value the industry gets its own catch phrase, the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT. 

Digitalization and utilizing the data properly will decrease unplanned downtime, increase material flow, reduce waste, and improve planning, just to name a few benefits.  These types of changes result in lower costs, increased production, better quality, more flexibility and overall improved competitive capabilities. 

A misconception of IIoT and Industry 4.0 technologies in general is that you must be a massive company to take advantage of these opportunities.  With the right partner and a product such as Scytec DataXchange it will be easy to see how you can start very simple and grow with your data.  Learn how to use data on a daily basis.  The goal is to change the culture of what is normal when it comes to utilizing data.  When we accomplish this many of the above benefits simply just happen as a result of the new practices, and the foundation is in place to take IIoT to the next level to continue to improve.